LIVE horse sketching in Kentucky!

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I just returned from one day of quick sketching at the Boehringer Ingelheim tent at the 2019 Land Rover Kentucky Three Day Event. The response to my 10-min custom portraits was overwhelming! I am very appreciative to have been selected as their Guest Artist and was thrilled to witness the majesty and athleticism of the horses and riders I saw! Here are some photos I snapped at the...

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Guest Artist at 2019 Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event!

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I am honored to have been selected as a Guest Artist at a booth at this year’s Land Rover Kentucky Three Day Event! On Saturday April 27th I will be spot-sketching horses of various attendees when they stop by my booth. I am told I will only have 5-10 minutes per sketch…my typical graphite sketches take me around 20 hours! Wish me luck, and check my Facebook page the weekend of April 26-27 for photos from the...

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Hello, Charlie Belle!

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My portrait of K9 Amir has been delivered and is being framed! Now I can begin my next project, this time it’s the lovely puppy Charlie Belle. I can’t wait to get...

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Next Portrait: K9 Amir

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My next portrait is Amir, a 3-year old German shepherd K9 officer with the Massachusetts State Police Department. I’ll post photos of my progress on my Facebook...

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Boxer Boys for Christmas!

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I received this photo of the matted and framed (and mounted) finished portrait of the Boxer Boys: Biscuit, Brian and Stewie. It was unwrapped on Christmas morning and her reaction was smiles and tears of joy. What a wonderful...

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Meet Lucy!

Posted by on Nov 19, 2018 in Sketches | 2 comments

It’s time to move on to my next custom pet portrait, this time it’s Lucy! Lucy is a golden doodle pup (she just turned 1 in October!) who loves playing with her toys, hanging out with pals at doggie daycare and knows where the vet hides the spray cheese treat! I’m excited to get started on her sketch, it will make a wonderful Christmas...

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Boxers Boys completed!

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At long last, I’ve finished my triple portrait of these boxers: Biscuit, Brian and Stewie. It was a time-intensive project but I’m happy with the final...

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Update on the 3 Boxers

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Here’s an update on my progress on my group portrait of the 3 boxers. This is Brian.

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Up Next: 3 boxers

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I have my next custom pet portrait lined up, and this time it’s a BIG one! I will be drawing THREE dogs, all boxers, in color, in larger format than usual. Here is a reference photo of Biscuit, Brian and Stewie. The finished portrait will be shipped to Florida for a surprise Christmas gift. This is going to be...

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Curtis is complete!

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I just put the finishing touches on my custom memorial portrait of cute Curtis. The portrait shipped out to California last night, I can’t wait to the customer’s reaction to seeing it in person! You can view the result in my Gallery.

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